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EFS-brassensemble is a Christian ensemble whose goal is to spread

the word of God through the music.

EFS belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sweden.

In most cases the ensemble plays in church services around the west part of Scania (Skåne) a province in southern Sweden.


The EFS-church in RÅÅ is the place where the ensemble practices on Wednesday evnings, with a short evening worship and prayers at the end of the practice after just over two hours.

The repertoire includes mostly Christian music like psalms, hymns,

Gospel songs and negro spirituals.


Click HERE to se where RÅÅ and the EFS-churchis located.


Members of EFS-brassensemble:


B-Trumpet / flugelhorn / musical leader: Mats Gudmundsson

B-Trumpet / flugelhorn: Johan Bjerle

B-Trumpet: Daniel Svenback

Altohorn: Anders Johansson

Trombone: Per Behrens

Bastrombon: Joel Johansson

Euphonium: David Bjerle

Bb-tuba: Christer Gudmundsson

Contact us:


David Bjerle

Odengatan 17



mobile 0046 70 68 68 688



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